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Schermafbeelding 2020-12-13 om 16.45.25.
Virtual / Vitrine
Wavelution - Front View b.png
372 - Architecture Research Projct
The U̶nion - Afrikaburn 2019
The U̶nion - Afrikaburn 2019
MadMax - Fashion Editorial
Oude Beurs - Art Project
Juxtaposition - Art Expo at Fomu
Het Nest - Waking Life Build Volunteer
Solo Tentoonstelling Ephemeral - Maya Bo
Cape Town
De Ontprikkelende Ruimte - Research Project
Gallery Raf Van Severen - Architecture

Searching for story-driven

collaborations to connect

people through art & stories

Maya Bogaert

Hi, nice to meet you! 

I'm Maya Bogaert

Maya Bogaert is an architect, conceptcreator & photographer. Passionate about people, spaces and the stories that connect them all,.


You can hear her talking fervently about emotions, travel, dreams, nature & the environment.

Fascinated by the fleeting, untouchable things in the space that surround us.


It's clear Archistas isn't to be defined by a certain niche. Much like the creator herself, singularity isn't something you'll find here. Maya sees it as an evidence to always think outside of the box.


You'll often find her wandering this wide wondrous world, this life isn't meant to be lived in only one place. Currently working between Antwerp & Cape Town.

She captures her curious & dreamy outlook on the world in her work and thus creates stories that make you wonder, ask questions and give a voice to the seemingly obvious things.


What's your story?

Let's get in touch!

Want to get in touch? Just chat? Wanna go

on an adventurous trip together? Or would you

rather have me as your architect or photographer?

Can't wait to see what we'll create when we put

our minds together! You know I'm always searching for story-driven collaborations. Tell me your biggest dream and let's set it into reality!


Can't wait to hear your story!