Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Outfit: Archistas Two

Two Year Archistas

After some teasing on my social media channels, here it finally is: my special celebration shoot that we photographed in Ostend. I really wanted something with balloons but as the forecasts weren't too promising about the weather, I needed a location that could allow us to shoot even if it would rain. I remembered this gallery next to the beach and thought it would be perfect to embody architecture, fashion & travel all in one. Double score: the skies turned bright blue with lots of sun so we could even go onto the beach! It was quite the work-out especially to get a perfect shot of those jumps. But I couldn't be more pleased with the results, I really feel like Willem and I have grown so much as a team these past two years.

This blog has definitely grown a lot too! Especially the last months I've been working on taking it to the next level and we're nearly there with a big relaunch in exactly one month now: a whole new layout (so excited about it) & more focused content. Of that last part you've already got a little taste. After a lot of trial & learning from each post, I feel more confident about knowing exactly where I want to go with Archistas. It'll definitely be far, this space has grown into such a big part of my life and I can't envision my life without it. But nothing would have ever come to this level without YOU, my dear readers. Each view, comment, compliment, like, fan,… really warms me up and makes me feel all fuzzy inside! I've told it to you guys last year, and I'll say it again: THANK YOU. I've met amazing people, went to places beyond my imagination and got opportunities I could've never dreamed off. Thanks for following along on this journey! Another special thank you note to my ever patient boyfriend Willem, for taking my outfit photo's, for being my right hand in taking decisions, in supporting me since day one. You're the best, babe!

Just like last year I'll be keeping up the celebration up for a month, for starters as the real Archistas 2.0 will be launched on August 1st but also because there will be some special giveaways! A little something to thank my dearest fans. That's not all what's gonna happen the next month: each week, starting next monday, there will be a specific 'theme' week. First up: Architecture and so on. So stay tuned, a lot is happening here!

Photo's by Willem Sterckx, editing by Maya Bogaert.