Thursday, July 10, 2014

Architecture: Archi Roadtrip Through the Netherlands

Details in Almere

So a slight trip down memory lane as I did this architecture tour with my archi besties in September 2011. But I thought it would be a fun item for this summer, as an inspiration on which great architecture there is to see so close to home (for my Belgian audience at least and definitely for you Dutchies). Maybe I'll even inspire some of you to take a similar trip? We went for a 3-day ride with the 5 of us. We didn't always spend so much time at each place but long enough to get a feel of the building, snap some photo's and of course to enjoy the cities we passed. There are definitely a lot more cool architecture projects in the Netherlands, for starters we never made it to Amsterdam in that trip. And I'll definitely still highlight Rotterdam soon, but it was getting a bit too long to add more to this particular post. Funny note: my photography back then consisted of 60% random detail photo's, 40% full buildings. Hope you like this round-up, do comment if there are cool sights to see nearby these beauties.

Hagenland by MVRDV - Den Haag

InnTell Hotel by WAM Architects - Zaandam

Details in Zaandam

WoZoCo Oklahoma by MVRDV - Hilversum

Details in Hilversum (Mediapark)

Villa VPRO by MVRDV - Hilversum

Headquarters RVU by MVRDV - Hilversum

Institute for Sound & Vision by Neutelings Riedijk - Hilversum (previously on blog here)

Details in Almere

Kunstlinie by SANAA - Almere

La Defense by UN Studio - Almere

Agora Theater by UN Studio - Lelystad

Holtenbroek by Made - Zwolle

Minnaertgebouw by Neutelings Riedijk - Utrecht

Bunker 599 by Rietveld Landscape - Culemborg (previously on blog here)

Schröderhouse by Rietveld - Utrecht

Photo's by Maya Bogaert