Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Feature: Into The Blue - Tiany Kiriloff

Tiany is wearing a Bomber Jacket: Self-Portrait, Skirt: Rochas, Creepers: Prada, Love Bracelet: Cartier, Watch: Komono, Golden Bracelet: Atelier

Ever since I remember I've loved photography. When I was a kid I adored taking photographs on vacations with my parents camera. I felt ever so proud about the results when the film was developed, ahh the pre-digital age. When high-school ended I was facing tons of options about what to study in university. Was I going to study languages? Maybe becoming a translator as I had developed this natural talent for talking English fluently by the time I was 11? And my writing skills were always highly praised. Or would I follow a path less taken and do something with my growing love of art? Some options seemed so boring and were quickly crossed off the list. Others were simply a short phase where the job opportunities looked promising but luckily faded away. In the end I had translator, architect, photographer & graphic designer on my list. As I wanted to go into the creative sector, I ended up with architecture (obviously). But it seemed the most wise choice having both arts & science. I've got no regrets of my decision, my university thought me tons of skills. An architect is a homo universalis after all.

Long story short, photography & writing never left my mind. With this blog I started growing those two passions more and more. In October, I was still celebrating graduation, not in too much of a hurry to apply for a job. But when I met the Belmodo team at an event, I got talking to Tiany Kiriloff. She's a well-known fashion stylist (she hosted a cool tv-show a few years ago). She is now also a journalist & a blogger. When the Belmodo team offered me the chance to do an internship for their online fashion magazine, I didn't think twice: I wanted that place. Most of the days I mainly write articles for their site but because I love photography too they give me opportunities to develop that skill as well. Here one of the first results: a shoot I did for Tiany.

While many people, including me, wonder if I'll work in architecture in my future: I don't know. I need a 200% focus to throw myself into that passion once again, time I don't think I have. Or at least not that I want to miss. I love this blog too much, I like the things I'm doing now. My story remains unwritten, but I sometimes get this crazy feeling that there is no such thing as a coincidence. Some opportunities are thrown on your path for a reason and I'm more eager than ever to know what my future holds.

Model: Tiany Kiriloff, MUA: Jilke Juliens, Photo's: Maya Bogaert