Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Architecture: Library Leuven

Central Library Leuven

Last week I travelled through 5 Belgian cities for a Belmodo competition where I took photo's for. Can't believe in two weeks it's already over and the official job-hunt is back on. Anyway I also took some 'behind the scenes' photo's. Two were from the Ladeuze square which features the famous Jan Fabre Totem. For those of you who don't know this artist, he's Belgian, he loves being controversial and he has a thing for creepy insects. Especially beetles, which I find even more disturbing. Putting a giant neelde on a square with a beetle on top, yep that's Jan Fabre...

At first I was sad that I couldn't immediately do anything with these photo's for the blog. As a 'travel' blog it would be stupid not to feature the places I know in my own country. Luckily I remembered that I took some cool photographs in the library next to the square some years ago. Remember these photographs from Brussels? Well the library shots were from the year before when I followed the same workshop in Leuven. As both of them were a kind of mini competition, I tried to be as creative as possible, which got me some great dimensions. Does anyone else feel dizzy after watching the first photo too?

Photo's by Maya Bogaert


  1. Mijn vermoeide hersenen begrijpen wel meer foto's buiten die eerste pas na enkele keren kijken, haha! Ik ben al véél te lang aan een stuk aan het studeren op dit moment. Ze zijn wel heel cool! De bib in antwerpen is een pak minder chique :( xo

  2. The library is beautiful, I love the photos you took.

  3. Oh het aantal uren dat ik dààr al heb doorgebracht, is onvoorstelbaar! Elke examenperiode heb ik daar minstens enkele dagen, soms weken aan een stuk gestudeerd. Hier weet ik dus wel iets meer over dan Brussel ;) ik heb ooit ook een rondleiding gehad via de kunstacademie, toen mochten we op de toren! Heel fijn :) Sinds kort is dat wel publiekelijk toegankelijk dus iets minder indrukwekkend ;)
    Ik ben wel nooit de trap op durven gaan in de grote zaal, moet er toch nog maar eens van komen om het van bovenaf te bezichtigen!

  4. Beeldig die foto's!!! Super schat!! Ben je nog niet weg ? hahah

  5. Wow, this place is beautiful! And true, the first photo really makes you feel dizzy :)
    Love the photographs!


  6. I love books and this library looks like a place I would love to visit one day. Dusty, literary, calm and quiet - you can feel the souls of authors current and past here. Gaynor Paynter www.popspeaking.blogspot.com

  7. LIbrary Leuven is such a feast for the eyes! I'm an architecture student and this is such an amazing source of inspiration. Thank you! :)

  8. Rochkirstin SantosJanuary 31, 2014 at 9:39 AM

    These photos are absolutely fantastic! Yeah, it's common for travel bloggers not to consider their own country for local tripping so you're not alone.

  9. im a bookworm and i definitely wanted to go to that library! great photos1

  10. die eerste foto is precies zo inception!