Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Architecture: Library Leuven

Central Library Leuven

Last week I travelled through 5 Belgian cities for a Belmodo competition where I took photo's for. Can't believe in two weeks it's already over and the official job-hunt is back on. Anyway I also took some 'behind the scenes' photo's. Two were from the Ladeuze square which features the famous Jan Fabre Totem. For those of you who don't know this artist, he's Belgian, he loves being controversial and he has a thing for creepy insects. Especially beetles, which I find even more disturbing. Putting a giant neelde on a square with a beetle on top, yep that's Jan Fabre...

At first I was sad that I couldn't immediately do anything with these photo's for the blog. As a 'travel' blog it would be stupid not to feature the places I know in my own country. Luckily I remembered that I took some cool photographs in the library next to the square some years ago. Remember these photographs from Brussels? Well the library shots were from the year before when I followed the same workshop in Leuven. As both of them were a kind of mini competition, I tried to be as creative as possible, which got me some great dimensions. Does anyone else feel dizzy after watching the first photo too?

Photo's by Maya Bogaert