Monday, January 14, 2013

How To Wear: The Back Of A Gown

Yesterday I was looking at the Golden Globes where beautiful gowns were worn by so many stunning actresses. I thought about making a post with my favorite ones but instead I just pinned them on pinterest. Then while I was browsing that folder again today I noticed how many beautiful back details there are in many gowns. It got me to the idea to create a new folder especially for those fine pieces. I was already thinking of making an inspiration post, my previous one has been a while. So yeah it's obvious where this post came from. I made all the photo's black and white to create an unity. I really hope that someday I can own a dress with such beautiful detailing like these have. It's odd how many of these dresses are actually wedding dresses. I think the designers should make more couture pieces like these as well! What is your favorite dress?