Personal: An End Has A Start

Self-portrait BXL

Oh hi! Long time no see, this time entirely to blame on myself. For some reason I've lacked the urge to open up blogger and just start writing. Honestly I have so much to share though! Lots of exciting things have happened and because of them I've had to put some other projects including my blog on the backburner. But what I've come to realize is you can't have everything at once, things take time and while I'm sometimes sad or jealous of others doing so well in a certain field, I'm convinced they're just as envious about other achievements I've already checked off the list. One of them: we've moved to our new home in Antwerp! I still have this strange urge to say 'oh we're off to Brussels now', well that's not true anymore since last monday (I already noticed Brussels will forever have a special place in my heart, luckily it's only a trainstop away). But hey here's to a new city to conquer my heart. I've held onto this secret for the whole time, hinting about it but I wanted to let all my close family & friends know about it from me in person first. And because it all moved so quickly I wanted some time to fully enjoy the rush (and hectic move). Still so many things to be done, from endless paperwork, to painting & of course decorate! We've already checked two IKEA trips off the list this week and will definitely stop by many more furniture stores in the coming months :D All tips on great decorating & maybe great designers are more than welcome. (Instead of a designer handbag I might save up for this gorgeous lamp I've got my eyes on haha).
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